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Tobacco Dependence Treatment in Japan: Challenges in special populations. 日本におけるタバコ依存症治療:精神疾患患者への挑戦











The goal of this activity was to highlight the issue of tobacco dependence treatment challenges in mental health patients in Japan and to provide evidence-based guidance to optimally manage tobacco dependence in Japanese mental health patients. The program aimed at increasing knowledge regarding tobacco dependence treatment strategies and barriers to their effective implementation in Japanese patients with mental health disorders, as well as improving competence in the application of treatment strategies in patients with mental health disorders. The initiative included an online, enduring “Spotlight” panel discussion activity, which was targeted at a primary audience of psychiatrists and a secondary audience of primary care physicians, pulmonologists, and other healthcare professionals. Outcomes was assessed using activity participation (user metrics); satisfaction (evaluation results and learner feedback); and knowledge and competence (posttest results data) to determine the impact of the education.
The expert panel consisted of:
. Dr Masakazu Nakamura
. Dr Atsuko Kawai
. Dr Wakako Nakano